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RGB LED Kit for Helmet--Head-Turning Cyberpunk Aesthetics In All Colors

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Bring the coolest sci-fi style LED technology to your helmet. Choose between more than 20 animations, you can choose any color.

As riders, we know how important it is to color-match your gear and bike. So rather than creating animations in certain colors, we created an algorithm that allows you to set all the animations to any color you wish.    

 That's right! The Night Shift has a built-in microphone. Play your favorite tunes and watch your helmet groove to the music.

Generic LED strips use point-source lighting, and quite frankly, it sucks 👎.

We developed a clever way to diffuse light in an incredibly thin space so you look less like Tron 1982 and more like Tron Legacy. 

Our light strips are a mere 1.7 mm (~1/16th of an inch) thick. That's thinner  than those generic LED strips you'd find on Ebay or Amazon. 

 Even on Night Shift's lowest setting, it's brighter than previous LightMode kits.

Both images recorded using the exact same camera settings.
Night Shift installed on an OGIO Mach 5 backpack.

Battery life will vary depending on the animation and brightness setting. 7-10 hours is the average on Standard brightness mode. Charging cable included.
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